5 Enterprise 2.0 ‘Must Reads’ – Get up to speed in less than 2 hours!!

I have spent the past week scouring the internet for information about Enterprise 2.0

If you have limited time to explore the subject, I recommend the following:

1) Start with a report on Web 2.0 (30 minutes)

“Rise of the Partipication Culture” by Steve Borsch. Although this is just a primer, it puts Web 2.0 in the context of a behaviour rather than a technology

2) Read up on the definitions of Enterprise 2.0 – the application of Web 2.0 to business (15 minutes)

Andrew McAfee’s definition
Dion Hinchcliffe’s definition
IBM’s definition

3) Read the best Enterprise 2.0 report out there by Prof. McAfee (15 minutes)

Enterprise 2.0: The Dawn of Emergent Collaboration

4) Take a look at Enterprise 2.0 product suites currently being offered (15 minutes)

SuiteTwo – from IBM
Blogtronix – Startup
ConnectBeam – Startup

5) Check out a Enterprise 2.0 video case studies (30 minutes)

Enterprise 2.0 at the BBC (video)

Don’t forget to keep track of breaking Enterprise 2.0 news via Blog Search Engines

Google Blog Search

Let me know if you find other helpful Enterprise 2.0 resources!!


One Response to “5 Enterprise 2.0 ‘Must Reads’ – Get up to speed in less than 2 hours!!”

  1. Tom Mandel Says:

    Thanks for putting Connectbeam on your “must read” list. I’d especially recommend http://www.connectbeam.com/solutions.html as a good overview to the benefits of social bookmarking, tagging and social networking behind the firewall — at least as we see them, that is!

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