Open Source Spying – Government 2.0?

Open Source Spying

Open Source Spying – New York Times Magazine – December 3, 2006

I haven’t had time to read the entire article yet, but enough people have referred me to it, as it relates to Enterprise 2.0

If you are interested in some commentary about the article, please see Enterprise 2.0 guru Prof. McAfree’s post on his blog here.


2 Responses to “Open Source Spying – Government 2.0?”

  1. J. Day Says:

    This article is fascinating. It’d be really amazing to watch this progress in an organization or industry of comparable size without the barriers of Classified material. Certainly, many companies have secretive documents, however, beyond these items, there’s little stopping an organization from revolutionizing how it works.

    Accenture has something moderately similar, however, the implementation used is so poor that the system is incredibly clunky and annoying to use. This is the key…everything has to be seamless and simple to use. People are busy, so while they recognize the value of contribution, it can’t cause undue hassle.

  2. adamkcarson Says:

    John, I agree completely with what you said. The number 1 challenge for Enterprise 2.0 is adoption…how do you get people who are really busy to use the new tools (networking, blogging, wiki, commenting, tagging, etc.). The answer is that you build the tools into their workflow, so they don’t have to do anything differently. For instance, what is really the difference between writing a blog and writing an email. It could be as easy as pressing a ‘publish’ button instead of pressing ‘send’…and commenting is really just ‘reply-to-all’. And why have a separate RSS reader when you could just integrate it into Outlook. Are Gmail and Google Reader all that different…not really. And I feel that the convergence of RSS and email platforms will happen very soon.

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