Partnerships – Enterprise 2.0 in Disguise

Think about the volume of ‘partnerships’ that have been made this year…

Google partners with Sun, MySpace, Adobe, Intuit, Dell, MTV Networks, Sony BMG, etc.

YouTube (also Google) partners with CBS, Verizon

Yahoo partners with Nokia

Microsoft partners with Facebook, Sprint, Univsersal (Zune)

Apple partners with Nike

etc. etc. etc.

Why are these companies partnering??? Is there something different going on???

I think that the answer might be looking broadly at what is going on with Web 2.0 (participation and collaboration) and the next shift…hint: Enterprise 2.0

We know that participation and collaboration have taken the Internet by storm recently.

What happens when the same beast attacks the corporation? (not just the people in the corporation)

Could one of the effects of Enterprise 2.0 be that companies are now more willing to ‘partner’ with each other? Are companies that form partnerships (Enterprise 2.0) similar to people who participate (Web 2.0)?


Sounds pretty similar to me…

My guess…more partnerships to come


7 Responses to “Partnerships – Enterprise 2.0 in Disguise”

  1. J. Day Says:

    I agree the trend is obviously growing…any predictions…sector-wise perhaps?

    Yahoo and…? (Definitely need the boost…)

  2. adamkcarson Says:

    There has been a lot of rumors around Yahoo / Facebook…I’m not so sure that makes sense. Also, what about all of the partnerships that are happening in the financial world…for instance, the consortium of Private Equity firms that go into deals together.

  3. J. Day Says:

    Do you think the PE consortiums fall into this category? They seem more risk-driven than collaboration driven…though I could be way off. Are specific skills from each firm poached to help drive the business following the purchases? (You’d know better than I on this…hardly in a financial position…)

  4. J. Day Says:

    Journalistic Enterprise 2.0?:

  5. adamkcarson Says:

    I am not a Private Equity guru either, but I feel that sponsors join together because they can attain something that no single firm feels comfortable doing themselves. You are right, it is about sharing the risk…but that is still sharing, right?

    I can sense that there have been a lot of partnerships recently. But I don’t have a great historical view of the data…maybe the ones today are just a little louder about it?…

  6. adamkcarson Says:

    John, regarding journalistic enterprise 2.0…

    I think that blogging in and of itself has already to be proven a money maker. Checkout Weblogs Inc. ( They have a few of my favorite blogs under their belt. These guys in the article seem to be starting a legit, trusted content production company that is focused soley on politics and DC (and they will all be blogging). There will certainly be a HUGE audience come election time.

    I think Enterprise 2.0 isn’t really about using Web 2.0 tools to ‘directly’ make money. Enterprise 2.0 does not neccessarily create new profit centers, rather it improves existing ones and leads to innovation (which could no doubt lead to profits)

  7. J. Day Says:

    Absolutely agree…didn’t actually feel the journalism group is anything special…

    I actually meant it somewhat sarcastically…the Drudge Report made such a venture obsolete years ago…

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