Enterprise 2.0 Year in Review (by Dion Hinchcliffe)

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Dion provides a great summary of Enterprise 2.0 in 2006…you should read it if you are interested in the topic. Lot’s of good links as well!

I’m really excited about Enterprise 2.0 in the coming year…I think that we are still at the very beginning of this movement.


9 Responses to “Enterprise 2.0 Year in Review (by Dion Hinchcliffe)”

  1. Vincent Says:

    I share your enthusiasm. But I also have serious doubts. I wonder if web 2.0 can really make it across the firewall.

    – web users are free to do what they want (not employees)
    – for one successful web community there are dozens which are unsuccessful (and corporates can’t afford to waste time and money on “social labs”).
    – traditional enterprises (most of big corps) are not google-like and are tied with complex IT infrastructure in which they have invested so much that they can’t envision a radical new approach (did I say SAP, Microsoft, ?).

    I fear that corporate IT will try to include wikis, rss and other interesting things in existing corporate portals (add ons for sharepoint, etc…) without the essential : openness and usability.

  2. Justin Graham Says:

    Actually disagree here to some extent. I believe that even if corporate IT were to create an “open and usable” portal, it would be unsuccessful.

    The only route to success is for the infrastructure to grow organically, with a little guidance. Make sure that the tools being used can be integrated.

    I’ve seen several cases where several internal groups make use of their own wiki. The information and resources available on the wikis far outweigh anything offered in the corporate portal for the same subject matter.

    The real success has been when we’ve been able integrate across enterprise wikis. immediately you have access to a new world of information.

    So i guess my point here is that corporate IT can’t force it. If you give internal groups the tools, they will provide the content, and organize it logically for themselves. The only thing to make sure of is that when evaluating software at the corp level, the decision is flexible enough to support integration across groups.

  3. John Day Says:


    what programs were the tools that provided the platform? were they available when you were with your last employer? just curious…haven’t seen anything of that sort – though i think it’d be absolute godsend here.

    headed back to d-town for the holidays?

  4. Justin Graham Says:

    2 of or clients have been using the the atlassian software, which is built for the enterprise. It has had great support by several IT and back-office groups.


    But i think any kind of wiki would be of benefit, as long as it can scale for the enterprise. most good wikis have blogging, commenting, RSS, etc.

    Our firm is currently setting up an office in Eastern Europe to begin some offshore work for our clients. I forsee Enterprise 2.0 tools as what will make or break this venture for us. We need to manage daily work, have open lines of communication, and have an interface for which our clients can actively participate with our office across the globe. All of this across the firewall. Should prove to extremely interesting and a great case study.

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    Enterprise 2.0 Year in Review (by Dion Hinchcliffe) | Enterprise 2.0 – Teaching, Learning, Sharing, Collaborating

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    Enterprise 2.0 Year in Review (by Dion Hinchcliffe) | Enterprise 2.0 – Teaching, Learning, Sharing, Collaborating

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    Enterprise 2.0 Year in Review (by Dion Hinchcliffe) | Enterprise 2.0 – Teaching, Learning, Sharing, Collaborating

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